The fun begins with mood boards, crow bars and shopping

Images clockwise from top, Holly Marder, bolig pluss, panash uk, John Lewis, source unknown, Lola Donoghue on Etsy

Firstly I must apologise for not posting in almost 2 months. I did plan on returning sooner but life has been hectic to say the least with my dad spending the month of November in hospital. It is still crazy but I will try and post when I get the chance. Especially because work is finally starting to happen on our house.

We are doing the non skilled parts to try and save some money, we have started stripping wallpaper in the bedrooms and taken the fire place out in the living room using a crow bar which was great fun.! We are putting in a multi fuel stove and it should be fitted by the end of January, we have opted for the Lovenholm by Clearburn as shown above. I have been using my evenings to look through blogs, magazines and catalogues to start planning our rooms and will share these thoughts with you. I have long had a rough idea of how I would like my home to look so now I am starting to think about actual details.

The living room is an easy place to start as I have been lucky enough to receive two gifts that inspire the room. We got the beautiful and colourful Jelly Beans rug as a wedding present and my mum has just bought me a Lola Donoghue abstract art print for my birthday. These will be the basis of the bright accents in our white room.

I have long been a fan of nordic design, white walls and natural colours but I am also a fan of the odd burst of colour. In particular, recently I have loved the look of a lot of Dutch interiors. What do you think of my mood board? I love the images and just hope our room can look even half as good.

You can see more of the images that inspire me on my pinterest board


Elaine said…
It sounds very exciting Amy having all that planning and shopping to do : )

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