Craft it Yourself: Simple Simple Little Star

This is a lovely little craft on the lead up to Christmas that I saw last week on IDA Interior Lifestyle blog. These easy star decorations are made from cocktail sticks or toothpicks. They can be strung on a garland like I have done here or made into individual star decorations for your tree. The other thing I love about these is that depending on the colour of tape that you use you can make them as subtle and muted or bold and bright as you wish. I love the mix of bright pink and silver that I have made here.

I lost some of my Christmas decorations a couple of years ago and it always takes time to build up a new collection so this is a fun and cheap way for me to add a little extra Christmas cheer to the house for next to no money! I am really pleased with them - what do you think?


So pretty and fun. I love the touches of neon pink, such a clever idea.

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