Looking for inspiration with shop style

NARS, Kate Spade, Habitat, John Lewis


Hello and happy new year! I have to admit that I haven't been very inspired this year so far! I think it is because I have been told to rest by the doctor and so haven't been able to get out and about to get my creative juices flowing. Instead I have been trying to find some inspiration online.

Yesterday I came across Shop Style - have you ever used it? You can browse their database of products and create an editorial style layout. You can even bring in your own images or graphics to add to the page. It is way easier and quicker than using a vector graphics program but obviously it is limited and you can't be as creative.

I though I would try a colour board as my first attempt with the site - a bit like the ones I used to do on the blog. What do you think? I love the chair! You should be able to click on the images to go direct to the products although I haven't tested this yet!


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