Sunday, December 26, 2010

Shopping for New Year Bargains

I finally got home for Christmas.  Our flight was cancelled on the 23rd due to Snow in Dublin. We managed to get a flight late on Christmas Eve but had to hire a car from the airport for a 3 hour drive in the snow. We got here just before midnight.

Anyway, after a lovely and well deserved relaxing Christmas day yesterday we had to drop off the hire car today so we had a look around the shops on our way back home. They were packed so I thought I would have a look for some online bargains. I found some great items that would be perfect for any New Years celebrations. Happy sale shopping.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Heading to Snow Covered Scotland

Whilst I absolutely love looking out at the snow around Christmas time. I am not so keen on the constant airport closures around the UK and Ireland that have been common place this year and last. I have to say, Aberdeen airport is usually very good at staying operational - my sister informs me that even the office staff get out to help clear the snow.

As I am now heading towards an airport full of disgruntled passengers in an attempt to get home for Christmas, I thought I would share some pictures I took last year when I did make it home despite the snow. 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dynamic Designs for the Christmas Dining Table

Having the family sit down together to eat happens less and less these days. What better excuse than Christmas dinner to pull out all of the stops and let your creativity run wild with the decoration of your dining table. Ikea's blog has a lovely simple idea using lots of white candles and candle sticks, this would work equally well for a dinner party or a small wedding. Add bursts of colour as an accent, either with flowers, or with the food itself.

Heals furniture stores in the UK have some fantastic ideas if you want to go for a brighter more opulent dining room and dare to be different. The pinks and purples in this first image would work just as well for a New Year soiree.

Add some extra touches with some interesting place settings or place mats. These fantastic place settings are from Charles and Marie or you could try making your own

What are you doing for your table this Christmas? I am going have a think about it now and possibly go and collect some leaves to paint gold and scatter over the table.

Happy table decorating.

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Joy of Real Fires

I am heading home to Scotland on Thursday for 12 days - weather permitting. I absolutely love going home for Christmas. One of my favorite things along with seeing my family is the real fire. There is nothing like a real fire - if you don't have one (like me) here are some pictures of fab fireplaces to enjoy. I can picture myself with a glass of wine and the cat purring in the corner already.

Source Rom 1-2-3

Photo by Morten Holtum

Friday, December 17, 2010

Paper Decorations

We have no tree up this year for the first time ever because we are going back to Scotland for Christmas. I am definitely getting one next year as I miss it. I made some paper decorations to try and add a bit of Christmas cheer.

I used old magazines to make what every child must make as a right of passage when at primary school - a paper chain. I also found an easy to make tutorial on making a paper star on annakata's blog. I plan on making more over the weekend to add a bit of colour.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Markets

I love Christmas markets - meeting up with friends for a glass of mulled wine and generally soaking up the Christmas atmosphere in the crisp cold air. Here are a few images from Christmas markets to inspire your Christmas preparation.

Photo gia_s

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