Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The results of a crafty week

I currently feature a lot of other people's images and interiors on this blog. Mainly because I haven't had much to photograph so far because I live in a rented furnished apartment with little room to be crafty and add my own bits.

I did however have a crafty week last week. Nothing major, I  painted an old TV unit white, did a small flower arrangement in a re-used tin can and whilst I was painting the TV unit I also painted some cheap picture frames white and used them to frame some scraps of fabric.

There are no photos of the TV unit as I haven't finished it yet - I am on a mission to find some nice knobs for it!

Anyway as I actually had something to photograph, it gave me a chance to practice my photography (which has never been my strong point)

I just need to move to a bigger place so I can be crafty all the time as I really enjoyed myself!

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