Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Love the Look

This weeks room for love the look is a delightful dining room as featured in the gallery of the house to home collection of magazines. I love the printed lampshades that look like tiles from the med and the vintage style glassware. I managed to find the actual lampshade, it is from Habitat which I have heard has gone into administration. You can find a similar one from Helen Rawlinson if you want an alternative.

Here's how you can get the look:

1 - Persia large lampshade from Habitat - £45
2 - Blomster set of 3 candle holders from Ikea - £15.99
3 - Jars green fruit cup from John Lewis - £13
4 - Burleigh Arden cerial bowl from John Lewis -  £9.25
5 - Helianthus Goblet in turquoise from Anthropologie - €10
6 - Pair of valder dining chairs in scarlet red from made.com - from £29.50
7 - Pair of valder dining chairs in sky blue from made.com - €32
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