Friday, February 7, 2014

House update - we've still lot's to do! Master Bedroom

So, it's been a while since I've provided an update on our house. We've been slowly getting things done, which is why it's been quiet on here. I definitely need to speed up on my papering and painting skills!

I spent the start of January looking for builders and by chance found some fantastic local contractors who usually install bathrooms but are able to do lots of other work too. Once I found them it was full steam ahead as they had a cancellation and wanted to start immediately. 

They fitted our new bathroom and ripped out our old kitchen leaving the sink so we can clean our paint brushes without having to use the lovely sink in our new bathroom. They also knocked part of the wall between the kitchen and dining area. It is so exciting to see things starting to take shape like I had envisaged. They also changed the internal doors downstairs, removed the facias on all windows which were mahogany UPVC, we have switched them to MDF that we can paint as we wish. They also moved a number of our radiators to under windows so we have more space for furniture on other walls.

We also had our new stove fitted in our living room, pictures to follow in a future post. It isn't quite how I had pictured because there was less space in the fireplace than I had anticipated and so the stove has to step into the room slightly, but I love it!

We have also been busy in the front two bedrooms, stripping woodchip wall paper, preparing the walls, papering the walls - (which was all done by me) and then painting.

And after all that ...... we have one room that is almost complete and ready to have carpet fitted. I have never papered before and it is a really slow process for a newby!

Anyway, I thought I would share some update photos room by room, just to tease you a little. So first is a room that we have done very little to so far - the master bedroom. So far we have painted a small part of the wall so that the radiator could be moved there. Moved the radiator and changed the facias round the window.  We still have to paint the walls and woodwork, remove the floor and have carpeted, paint the wardrobe and drawer unit and change the handles, make curtains etc. I have lots ideas for the really fun bit, once the shell is done.

That's it for now, I shall share another room with you soon.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The fun begins with mood boards, crow bars and shopping

Images clockwise from top, Holly Marder, bolig pluss, panash uk, John Lewis, source unknown, Lola Donoghue on Etsy

Firstly I must apologise for not posting in almost 2 months. I did plan on returning sooner but life has been hectic to say the least with my dad spending the month of November in hospital. It is still crazy but I will try and post when I get the chance. Especially because work is finally starting to happen on our house.

We are doing the non skilled parts to try and save some money, we have started stripping wallpaper in the bedrooms and taken the fire place out in the living room using a crow bar which was great fun.! We are putting in a multi fuel stove and it should be fitted by the end of January, we have opted for the Lovenholm by Clearburn as shown above. I have been using my evenings to look through blogs, magazines and catalogues to start planning our rooms and will share these thoughts with you. I have long had a rough idea of how I would like my home to look so now I am starting to think about actual details.

The living room is an easy place to start as I have been lucky enough to receive two gifts that inspire the room. We got the beautiful and colourful Jelly Beans rug as a wedding present and my mum has just bought me a Lola Donoghue abstract art print for my birthday. These will be the basis of the bright accents in our white room.

I have long been a fan of nordic design, white walls and natural colours but I am also a fan of the odd burst of colour. In particular, recently I have loved the look of a lot of Dutch interiors. What do you think of my mood board? I love the images and just hope our room can look even half as good.

You can see more of the images that inspire me on my pinterest board

Monday, November 4, 2013

Mismatched Style for a Grand Autumnal Effect

Photographer: Nina Broburg
Images from Livet Hemma

So I think I am fully back in the swing of absorbing all things lovely about interiors, it's not hard for me really. I have always been obsessed with interiors so wanting to blog about it will not be hard, finding the time to sit down and actually write something may be a little tricky with a little one who's about to start crawling any day now.

We don't have our keys yet so I am spending a lot of time browsing for inspiration and drooling over seasonal lifestyle shots. I am also trying to do the odd practical thing like find fittings that will fit into the tiny bathroom that we will soon have and figure out who to get to knock down one of our walls in the kitchen.

But until we get the keys I can't finalise any of that, so I can do the fun bit - create mood boards, and get carried away with myself browsing online.

I love autumn or the fall, I love halloween, crunchy golden leaves, I love the cosy evenings inside when we start to light the fire - so when I was sent the above images by Livet Hemma I had to share them with you. Mismatched chairs and table wear is a popular look that I have long been a fan of and I love the grand autumnal feel of these images. The colour on the walls, the large jug of grass and the miss matched fabrics on the table. This setting is cosy, grand and relaxed all together. I wonder if I will ever be able to achieve such a sophisticated yet casual feel for a small get together - probably not for a good few years!

What do you think of this look? Do you think it is possible to achieve a level of stylish/ sophisticated living with babies and young children in the house?

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I'm glad to be back - how are you?

It is well over a year since my last post and I didn't even say I was taking a break! - probably because I didn't know myself.

It has been a busy couple of years for my family and I. We had a baby boy in February and made the decision a few months ago to move back to Scotland where I am from. We arrived a month ago and have already put an offer in on a house. 

It's funny how things turn out, it took us a long time to get around to any major life events and then we got married, had a baby, moved country and are in the process of buying a house all in the space of just over a year. Most of my friend's bought their first property around 10 years ago and so it has taken us a while to get on the property ladder but I have always wanted to put my own stamp on a place. This will come as no surprise to anyone who read this blog a few years ago - I was an interior design nut with no interior to design!

Anyway, I decided - what better time to return to the blog than now. You can follow my home improvement journey and hopefully I will be able to provide some decent before and after pictures. We don't have the keys yet so it may be some time before I can take any before photos but in the meantime I can start to share some inspiration with you that will hopefully influence the look and feel of our home.

I'm glad to be back - how are you?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Looking for inspiration with shop style

NARS, Kate Spade, Habitat, John Lewis


Hello and happy new year! I have to admit that I haven't been very inspired this year so far! I think it is because I have been told to rest by the doctor and so haven't been able to get out and about to get my creative juices flowing. Instead I have been trying to find some inspiration online.

Yesterday I came across Shop Style - have you ever used it? You can browse their database of products and create an editorial style layout. You can even bring in your own images or graphics to add to the page. It is way easier and quicker than using a vector graphics program but obviously it is limited and you can't be as creative.

I though I would try a colour board as my first attempt with the site - a bit like the ones I used to do on the blog. What do you think? I love the chair! You should be able to click on the images to go direct to the products although I haven't tested this yet!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Scrapbook: party brights and naturals

My scrapbook this week is Party Brights. With new year or (hogmanay where I come from) celebrations around the corner why not welcome the year 2013 with a mix of brights. I have always been a fan of white as a base colour with lots of bright accessories, this scrapbook is taking it to a party level with multi colour confetti as inspiration with light tones of wood to add a natural touch. I actually bought the lights in the top image for my soon to be new arrival's nursery. I will share the post on that when the room is complete.

A lot of people go for a sophisticated new years party style with a theme like white and silver but I love a bit of colour to make your guests smile. What do you think?

Monday, December 17, 2012

Craft it Yourself: Simple Simple Little Star

This is a lovely little craft on the lead up to Christmas that I saw last week on IDA Interior Lifestyle blog. These easy star decorations are made from cocktail sticks or toothpicks. They can be strung on a garland like I have done here or made into individual star decorations for your tree. The other thing I love about these is that depending on the colour of tape that you use you can make them as subtle and muted or bold and bright as you wish. I love the mix of bright pink and silver that I have made here.

I lost some of my Christmas decorations a couple of years ago and it always takes time to build up a new collection so this is a fun and cheap way for me to add a little extra Christmas cheer to the house for next to no money! I am really pleased with them - what do you think?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Craft it Yourself: Washi Gift Tags

So I know that washi tape gift tags are not a new idea but I thought I would share my most recent make with you anyway. I never have gift tags in the house and made my own for the first time last year. Last years were very simple as I just stamped initials on to white squares of card with some gorgeous christmas string. This year I have a stash of washi tape so though I would jazz them up a bit with my tape. I love a quick craft like this where you get an instantly good looking result - instant gratification!

 I may still add the initial stamp or I may leave them as they are, what do you think?

Friday, November 30, 2012

My Scrapbook: red, white and grey christmas

top image from

This week's scrap book tear sheet has a Christmas theme. I love the calming tones of a traditional Scandinavian Christmas pallet. Muted reds, whites and greys are a winning combination for me. Not just for Christmas, this is a great pallet for any room at any time of the year. Just picture a cosy room with a fire roaring - these colours fit with a cosy winter room just as much as with a light, bright white room on a summers day.

It is a great theme for gift wrap too, keeping the colour pallet simple using red white or grey as an accent with the other two colours or even with simple kraft paper. Clean, crisp and calming is how I would describe this cute colour combo. What do you think?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Top Shops: Asleep From Day

All images via asleep from day

The second of my new feature, now that I have started blogging again is Top Shops, I will share with you shops that I discover that I love and tell you why. It's that simple.

My first is French shop 'Asleep from Day' a lovely shop on Etsy run by Cyrielle a lover of cooking and photography. Cyrielle's story is that she couldn't find china she loved and that conveyed the mood of her recipes and so she followed in her mother's footsteps and started painting her own. Using her mother's kiln to fire painted dishes.

I love the cute simplicity of this hand painted porcelain. In particular the pastel hues as shown on the christmas decoration and the tray. The Christmas decoration reminds me of confetti and conveys a real mood of celebration. 

Be sure to check out more of Cyrielle's dishes here in her shop.

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