Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Favourites - bedside tables

This weeks' Friday favourites are bedside tables. There have been a few occasions in my life that I have owned a proper purpose built bedside table. There have also been times that I have used a chair as a makeshift bedside table. I have also posted before about using other items like a ladder or old suitcases which I personally love. But if you want to be all grown up, here are some lovely bedside tables on the market just now:

1 - Manufacture Nightstand from maison du monde  €129
2 - Case Valentine Bedside Table from John Lewis  £225
3 - Rustic Drawers on Wheels from Rose and Grey  £295
4 - White Julia Bedside Table from Pottery Barn  $199
5 - Georgia Bedside Unit from Habitat  £130

Have a fantastic weekend
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