Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Favourites - door knobs

This weeks' Friday favourites are door knobs. I have a real obsession with beautiful door knobs just now as they can give your existing furniture a new and unique lease of life.

1 - Caria knob available from Anthropologie  €12
2 - Poulsbo knob available from Zara Home  £4.99
3 - Nes knob available from Zara Home  £8.99
4 - Blue stripe ceramic knob available from Dot com gift shop  £3.95
5 - Small bone knob available from Monsoon  £4

Have a fantastic weekend


Lindsay [rookie's nest] said...

it is safe to safe I love them all & could never decide on one! great post! x

TimbarikaDoll said...

i love them too!! I'd really love any of these, so pretty!! Have a great weekend!! xx

Inspired Mrs. Stevens said...

whatttt? Zara have knobs too?

Sarah MacMillan said...

Great round up! My fav is the yellow one (#3). So pretty (all of them).

Amy - Pride of Place said...

@ inspired Mrs. Stevens. Zara home has some lovely stuff - make sure you have a spare hour to browse their website though!

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