Thursday, May 5, 2011

How about a pallet for your palace?

I am still loving all things upcycled and have been stumbling upon images of pallets that have been beautifully transformed into furniture. I decided it was time to pull them all together for a post on the subject. I may try something like this one day but having worked in logistics briefly I would certainly make sure they were decent pallets as I have seen some really dirty splintery ones!

I think I would keep it simple and go for something like a coffee table - what would you make?


Charlotta Ward said...

Wow I love this! So many pictures and ideas here that I haven't seen before.

Keeping this on file!

x Charlotta

Jasmine said...

love the shelves...such a great idea! I did a feature on these things a while ago and never found that one :)


Amy - Pride of Place said...

Jasmine, I think that is my favourite image, I really like the idea of storing wine in them (any excuse!)

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