Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Love the look

This week's room for love the look was featured in  VT Wonen. It is one of my favourite looks - I love anything that looks Scandinavian. As a result I have found a lot of the items in Ikea which makes this an extremely affordable look too.

Here's how you can get the look:

1 - Havtorn Farm Vase from ikea  - $24.99
2 - Echo Candles in various colours from Crate and Barrel - from $6.99
3 - Havtorn Decorations from ikea - $9.99
4 - Flokati Rug from ikea -  €14.99
5 - Lack Coffee Table from ikea - $19.99
6 - Milking Stool from Hadley Reclaimed - £36
7 - Ammonite Candleholder from Hus and Hem - £24.95


Anna of IHOD said...

Absolutely love the items you found. And your blog is just lovely!

Marjorie Rose said...

Hi! Thanks for your lovely comment :)

I really like this..the room speaks to me. It has many of the colors I gravitate towards for my home. I think the biggest surprise is that you found many of the elements at Ikea. I haven't gone there in a while.. I'm missing out!

Miss Walker said...

I LOVE you post layouts, so clean and pretty! Miss Walker xoxo

audrey marie said...

great recreation! i love that little bench

Amy - Pride of Place said...

Marjorie Rose, I haven't been in a while either I love browsing their catalogue or on-line with a cup of tea - going to have to pay a visit soon I think!

Marta said...

Thanks for leaving a comment. Yes, Girona is a really beautiful city (it's a 30min car ride from my hometown -Figueres- and I go there as much as I can).

I'll follow your blog to see these lovely things you show :)

Abigail's Place said...

Great post, cute fireplace!

Abigail x

bibo said...

Great piece of writing and great blog design, perfect blog you got here.

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