Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wedding venue decisions

Ok, so I know this isn't a wedding blog but I am planning my wedding just now and it is on my mind a lot, so it's time to let it out. 

We have been back and forth between getting married in Scotland and going somewhere sunny with just our immediate family. As Brian's dad isn't one to travel he would be unlikely to come if we go abroad, so Scotland it is. We looked at some traditional venues but I wasn't keen on any of them. They are all lovely places but too grand for our personalities. I have decided to go for the local hall in the village where I grew up. It is right by the river it is also a favourite place of ours to go for a walk whenever we visit my parents.

I love it and because it's not a traditional wedding venue we will have more freedom to decorate as we please......ah the possibilities :)

the union jack flags were up for the royal wedding

This field looking onto the river belongs to the hall so if the weather is nice we can celebrate out here with a view of the river. This is actually the same river that flows through the grounds of Balmoral Castle - the queens holiday home (well, holiday castle!)

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Lucia M said...

Thank you Amy for stopping by! You have a lovely blog as well, I hope you'll post some pictures from your wedding decorations later:) good luck on preparations!

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