Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Favourites - Cereal Bowls

This week my Friday favourite is cereal bowls. I actually have plain white bowls just now but I think I may have to buy some colourful ones too as there are some lovely patterns and finishes available just now.

1 - Modern bowl in blue from West Elm  €5.87
2 - Studio stoneware cereal bowl in grey from John Lewis £7
3 - Provence Rose set of 4 bowls from Cath Kidson  £22
4 - Piecrust bowl from Anthropologie  €14
5 - Rotor small stoneware bowl in black from Hus & Hem  £12.25

Have a lovely weekend


Anonymous said...

I love my white ones :)But there is somthing going on, because yesterday I went to a secon-hand shop, and I found two plates with green leaves..

After posting the song of Simon and Garfunkel singing: The Leaves That Are Green.. That made me stand still for a moment haha..

Jennifer Seales said...

No surprise - I love the Cath Kidston ones!

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