Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Favourites

A new look to my Friday Favourites as I wasn't very keen on the old look. I have decided to do this by colour theme for a while so have included a bit of fashion as well as home wares. I seem to have had a bit of an orange obsession recently. Probably because I am still waiting for summer to start in Ireland and feel the need to add some sunny colours into my life!

1. Reidar chair in orange from ikea $49.99
2. Meet me at sunset nail polish from essie rrp $8.00
3. Orange converse from American Athletics $44.99
4. Martini side table from West Elm €95.82 
5. Toast to you top handle cross body from Olive and Joy $68
6. Jali cushion in orange from Lombock £32

Happy weekend!


Jennifer Seales said...

I'm not normally a big orange fan but I do love that chair!

Michelle said...

I'm liking the themes by colour. I really like orange but I don't think I actually own anything that's orange! I guess I could start with some nailpolish ;)

Amy - Pride of Place said...

I don't own anything orange either but I have seen a lot of lovely orange chairs recently.

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