Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Colour board - grey and yellow

Another colour board - this time grey and yellow. I keep on coming across images of lovely refreshing lemons and lemonade whilst doing research for my wedding, which brings me back to what has to be my colour obsession of this year - grey and yellow. I love the combination of fresh bright yellow and the dutiful grey.

The paint colours are all from farrow and ball, names as follows from left to right:

Plummet, Pavillion Grey, Citron and Babouche

What do you think of yellow and grey?


Julia said...

Yellow and grey makes me think of comfort and shelter in a cold winter storm. It is something I both look forward to and I'm wary of. It gives me what the Portuguese language refers to as "saudade".

I believe the first daycare center I attended was painted yellow, and since I spent most of the day there and... it was OK but wasn't my home and the teachers weren't my family (no one would dare to hug me and proclaim me her favorite girl, for sure), and I seem to remember a storm (nothing special, storms are pretty common in Montevideo). Maybe I missed home (9 1/2 hours a day is a lot), but I didn't suffer there either.

Who knows...? It's a color combination that reaches sophistication without much work, and yet, I've avoided it all my life (still do).

Anonymous said...

I liked it :) it really made me smile :)

Rebecca - A Daily Something said...

hahaha, these are my STAPLES for fasion! Ask my college roommate....every single day, I seemed to be wearing these colors. Love them!

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