Wednesday, January 12, 2011

House Hunting for a Fixer Upper

We are going to see a house this evening. As I have mentioned before, we are in a rented apartment just now. It is impossible to get a place to rent that is unfurnished in Galway so the interior is not to exactly to my taste. This was ok in the short term but we have been here for a year and a half now. 

I am looking for a place that needs a bit of love and attention, especially because the housing market is still falling here. I really don't see the point in paying over the odds for someone else's taste. I have also been going a little crazy finding lots of lovely inspiration and having nowhere to use it. This is what lead me to start this blog - an outlet for at least some of these ideas.

Anyway, fingers crossed that we like this one so I can get renovating and decorating.


Ronan Carton said...

Best of luck on the hunt Amy. I remember how excited I was before moving into our home and your right why pay for something you will probably change.

Amy Hardie said...

Thanks Ronan, We go to see it in an hour - I haven't viewed a house in ages as there is so little on the market so looking forward to it.

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