Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Friday Favourites

I couldn't let today go by without a post in relation to the royal wedding. UK magazine Livingetc commissioned some unofficial commemorative plates from some of the world's top designers. I have shown my favourite 5 out of the full 9 to link in with my new Friday Favourites. They are available to bid on until midnight tonight (UK time) here.

1 - Will and Kate Forever by Jonathan Adler - bidding starts at £30
2 - The Bride and Groom by Lisa Stickley - bidding starts at £30
3 - Pearly Prince and Princess by Lee Broom - bidding starts at £30
4 - Royal Headline by Ben de Lisi - bidding starts at £30
5 - A Right Royal Booze-up by People Will Always Need Plates - bidding starts at £30

Happy weekend

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