Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Boxes for the budget concious

There is something about collections of boxes that is particularly lovely. I remember as a kid my friends and I had an obsession with making small gift boxes from used cards. This obsession went on for quite some time and we had a fantastic collection between us. I also love larger boxes that are used for stylish storage. 

The images of Ikea Prant boxes converted into a beautiful storage system using bulldog clips did the blog rounds a couple of months back and there are some lovely other storage solutions around using boxes instead of furniture.

image from manostiles via decor8


Ana freire gómez-chao said...

thank you for writing me!!!Where are you from?? I lived in London the last year and I worked in Zara Home and you have reason when you say that in UK is not very famous this brand,but in Spain we love it,but I think It will be! I am so glad to discover your blog!!!I like so much your update!The first picture is very original and funny..IKEA has a great ideas...!!!!And I like the other ones also,in particular the team living is soooooooo cute!!!!!!!

I'll follow youu!!!!!!

tinajo said...

I really like these pics - great collection! :-)

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